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    What is Wispotter?

    It is a reliable, high-speed wireless internet service that turns the internet service you offer to your guests into a value-added marketing tool at a much more inconsiderable cost and conveying your legal responsibilities.

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    Obtain the data you need

    • Allow your guests to connect to the internet securely and free of charge.

    • Get an uninterrupted infrastructure appropriate to your needs, receive comprehensive reports.


    Wispotter offers much more than simply internet access. It allows you to examine your guests profoundly and get to know them.


    We comply 100% with all obligations in terms of logging/laws and assume all your responsibilities. It would help to be focused on your business. Isn’t it very relaxing?

    Control Panel

    Single branch or dozens of branches. It doesn’t matter, follow them collectively or separately. Investigate the duration, the time, and the intensity of your guests’ connection.


    You can learn when your guests connect the most. You can segment the guests and create exclusive offers for them.


    You need to make your guests feel special. You can develop dynamic campaigns for them. You can request feedback and learn what they think about you.


    It can be challenging to keep track of your guests all day. You can analyze which areas or floors are mostly demanded in which dates.

    Integrated & Dynamic

    We entirely developed the infrastructure of Wispotter. That’s why we have an abundance of time and energy to satisfy your requests. Thanks to the extensive integration opportunities, you can examine your guests’ shopping journey from beginning to end.

    Wi-Fi will be the leader of the wireless future for a long time.

    Wi-Fi will continue to be a high performing network technology for businesses. It will take on several roles beyond communication.


    How can i connect?


    Shopping Malls


    Coffee Shops & Restaurants


    Retail & Fashion Stores


    Legal logging in accordance with Law No. 5651

    Connection records of all guests with whom you share your internet connection must be kept for at least 2 years by legal obligations.

    • The records you keep should be sent “instantly”, if demanded by the official authorities.

    • The nature and method of maintaining these records must be as stipulated in the law.

    Authorized marketing in accordance with the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce

    By the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, your communication permissions with your guests must be complete.

    • It is a fabulous idea to communicate with your guests. However, can you provide them adequately with their legal rights?

    • Keep your guests connected to the internet with Wispotter; just concentrate on creating new ideas.

    Density Analysis & Heat Map

    If you have multi-story or large areas, you can investigate where your guests spend most of their time; you can provide them with the right offers at the appropriate time.

    • Leave an enjoyable memory in the memory of your guests. Show the appropriate offer to the right person.

    • You comprehend the busiest hours of the day. What if you extend all your campaigns in one day?

    How can i connect?

    It’s actually pretty easy. All you have to do is find a Wispotter point.

    Can’t your employees assist your guests about the internet?

    It would be unreasonable to expect them to help you. Wispotter can assist quickly all users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone number is sufficient.

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