Wispotter offers much more than simply internet access. It allows you to examine your guests profoundly and get to know them.


We comply 100% with all obligations in terms of logging/laws and assume all your responsibilities. It would help to be focused on your business. Isn’t it very relaxing?

Control Panel

Single branch or dozens of branches. It doesn’t matter, follow them collectively or separately. Investigate the duration, the time, and the intensity of your guests’ connection.


You can learn when your guests connect the most. You can segment the guests and create exclusive offers for them.


You need to make your guests feel special. You can develop dynamic campaigns for them. You can request feedback and learn what they think about you.


It can be challenging to keep track of your guests all day. You can analyze which areas or floors are mostly demanded in which dates.

Integrated & Dynamic

We entirely developed the infrastructure of Wispotter. That’s why we have an abundance of time and energy to satisfy your requests. Thanks to the extensive integration opportunities, you can examine your guests’ shopping journey from beginning to end.

Legal logging in accordance with Law No. 5651

We assume all responsibilities resulting from legal obligations. We maintain all connection data in our data centre located in the center of Istanbul following the standards.

  • We do not interfere with the infrastructure network of your business. We undertake the entire operation through a separate system.

  • The whole system works centrally. There is no equipment for keeping records in your business. All data is collected in our data centre.

Permitted Marketing

We ensure your communication permissions and anonymous data sharing with your guests fully comply with the Electronic Commerce Law No. 6563.

  • It can be comfortable to get the explicit consent of your guests, it is our duty to manage the aftermath. Just focus on your offers.

  • You should be always open to your guests to communicate with them.

Density Analysis & Heat Map

If you have multi-storey or large areas, we can examine where and how long your guests spend their time, and we can develop scenarios for your campaigns.

  • Make a favourable impression on your guests. Make the right offer at the right time.

  • You can organize your campaigns not only according to a rush-hour but by observing broader based on day and month. Don’t you think this is great?

Visitor Analysis

In accordance with the law and anonymously, we can reveal how long your guests spent in which location in your property.

  • Even if the guests are not connected to the internet when they visit again, you can analyze your guests anonymously.

  • You can segment your guests and classify them according to their shopping history and frequency of visits.

Integrated & Dynamic Marketing

You can receive feedback, share your questions with your guests. You can segment them and present the right advertisement to the right person.

  • Wispotter’s complete infrastructure was developed by our own software team. Therefore, we are free!

  • Define your dream structure, and we will make it come true for you.

Take the proper step to get a right place in your guests’ minds.

Wispotter is not your tireless IT team’s spending item; it can effortlessly be one of the most important revenue items of your marketing department.

Please leave your contact details so that we can visit you. We look forward to introducing ourselves to both your IT and marketing departments.

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